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    Eric Hanna
    The Jay Miller from oval at the flea market in Dover by the big race track. Dang, haven't seen you in years

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    same dude Jay Miller
    Even to be last, You've got to be fast.

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    Im almost ready to go for the race Saturday. See ya in the AM Sat

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    The track is still packed from the last race. The Yard has not been this hard in years to start a weekend.
    Even to be last, You've got to be fast.

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    We will be there Friday afternoon 😜🏁🎰

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    Should be an Awesome weekend, see yall in a few days!

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    we will see you Friday homer

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    Yard Regular jaybird's Avatar
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    Aug 2015
    same old dude: ...............:cool:

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    Wow thank you guys and girls for coming to the closer. 111 entries.:D

    Here are your results...

    The CLoser.pdf
    Even to be last, You've got to be fast.

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    Same old dude, u see what happened after u left... I broke near the end of the race but still finished 8th! 😳😜... I tried to wait up after I passed you in e buggy but you weren't on your horse, maybe next time old dude.. 😂

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