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    old duded back at ya big daddy ,,,,I was yelling and the dude next to me told me to shut up next time he said we stand next to each other ....I told him you may wanta hold hands or something and then he shutup dude thought I was fucking crazy ............well the med's the doctor had me really did fuck me up (and that shit come back sunday night ....had to go to the walk-in doctor again ...this time he has me on prednisone...8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1 (pills 8 a day twice 7 a day twice ) anyway you beat me most of the time if I beat you need step your game

    found out my nitro was losing a signal @ vineland on sunday and ran WIDE OPEN for a couple seconds and then the shutdown mode kicked in and stopped it just as it hit a buggy head on ...o well didn't break I hope but I should look @ it

    old dude out
    Jay Miller
    Dover De

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    Bwhahahahahaha .. I heard that dude Jay, I wanted to stand beside you but he was in my way😳...he was mad, some people don't have as fun as us 😜.. Get better soon homie!

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    Homer when I log on to the forum it doesnt show any new posts. The date is almost a week behind now. It makes me think nobody has posted and I bet the site would get more traffic if it stayed live. Im using google chrome on windows 10 laptop

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    There are some posts over the last few days. More recent than 9 days. Maybe your mobile is not refreshing. It either picks up or it doesn't. Give it time grasshopper.
    Even to be last, You've got to be fast.

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    I just want to thank Homer and Lisa for making our racing summer the best yet. We love coming up to the yard. I wish we had one more two day race,but I understand why we can't....I think it just makes us want to come up even more in 2016. We are looking forward to next year.See you guys then.
    The Woodyards.

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