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Thread: Welcome to the Tiltyard RC Racing Forum

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    Aug 2015
    o well .............

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    What's up Jay? Miss all you guys and racing. Gearing up to start racing again. Good luck this weekend. Was gonna come but it's my anniversary.

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    Aug 2015
    and I;m talking to ?

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    I think it's Daniel from up your way.
    Even to be last, You've got to be fast.

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    Sup fellas. Glad to see another forum homer. Your old one was my favorite yet. I haven't been able to make it to the yard this year. I always try to make it alteast once. But starting at new position at my job has took all my time this year from racing much. I really miss hanging with everyone. I'll post often here and hope to see everyone eventually. Tony montana aka K.C. Guy

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    Hi Homer,

    We have met once or twice. At The Track and maybe G's. I race 1/10 scale stuff, so I have not visited the Tiltyard.

    I have followed your threads on R/C Tech since a ton of my buds race at your track. What happened over the past couple days was complete B/S.

    I haven't referred anyone yet, but when I fulfill that part of the mission, I would like my forum title to be "Resident R/C Tech Shit Stirrer".

    Thanks for giving us an ad free place to discuss R/C and racing as adults, not baby sat children.


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    Correct me if Im wrong bit Dman is Dominic McDonald

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    SMcD welcome to the Tiltyard. You are more than welcome and that title awaits you.

    I am not sure on the Dman

    I ever got that invite to FF
    Even to be last, You've got to be fast.

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    Good job Homer! Finally a place we racers can call our own!

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    Homer are you gonna sign up for the fantasy football league. I had Louie send another invite to your email.

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