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Thread: Tiltyard 25 years and counting.

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    Remember the secret to being a good host is to act like a guest.
    Even to be last, You've got to be fast.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Homer Allman View Post
    Thank you guys. If you only need what was in my head for next year. I plan to raise the Tiltyards game once again.
    wow. the layout this year was killer! Can't wait to see what you cook up for next year!
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    I updated my Signature on RC Tech:


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    ya it won't let me post ....and I really didn't do anything that bad .... I said he was mean and called him a Richard head and a keyboard cowboy ....and then I took the post down ....then he sent me a private message saying he could see what I posted and I said good and I kinda knew that and posted something else and told him to go look @ it and he said game over and shut down the thread ......

    kinda funny and childish I think but it takes all kinds on @ the Yard track side my gt eddie has checked in @ the yard track rats will arrive in the AM
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    Could always be worse Jay...
    The mods on rctech are such children.
    I called someone a retard and got banned for a month and the mods shut me down from even private messaging them.
    They all think they are hotter than a triple peckered billy goat...
    But they haven't seen the tiltyard forum yet!! This board kicks ass!!
    They call me, Simple Zach
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    I get banned from RCTech too

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    Thank you. We can be ourselves here for sure. No one is getting banned unless they owe me money. :D
    Even to be last, You've got to be fast.

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    Keep us updated on weather Friday night getting there late and tenting it.

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