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Thread: THE TRACK RACEWAY - Gaithersburg, MD

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    Post THE TRACK RACEWAY - Gaithersburg, MD

    Here we go!:cool:


    16806 Oakmont Avenue
    Gaithersburg, Maryland 20877
    (301) 417 - 9630

    On-Road 1992 - 2012
    Off-Road 2012 - Present

    The Track
    is the home of "The Track Raceway", Radio Control (RC) and Slot Car Raceway. The Track Raceway is one of the East Coast's oldest Indoor RC racing facilities and Hobby Shop providing the best local ( and Online ) retail & service center around.

    The Hobby Shop provides a full line of cars, kits, support equipment, accessories and all parts from the best brands. Whether your interests are electric or gas; R/C or slot cars. We also offer assembly and repair services for those who lack the time or expertise to do it yourself.

    The Dirt Track; built by, the one and only, KEVIN MCDANIEL.
    The new pit area will allow approx. 90-100 drivers. The new pit area will be located on the existing track. It will be about little bit less than 1/2 of the existing track 50'x50'. We came to a new layout with 10' wide lines. We will be running all 1/10 scale classes.

    4wd SCT MOD
    2wd SCT MOD
    2wd BUGGY MOD
    4wd BUGGY MOD

    Race days will be Wednesday starting at 7.00pm for all Club Racing and Point Series. Saturdays we will be opening at 8.00am and race will start by 10.00am most of the times.

    Parking. We have a lot of parking space. You can bring your car or trailer.

    Mimi wish you all guys keep supporting "The Track Raceway" the same way all you guys did it through all these years. You can contact Mimi at the Hobby Shop 301-417-9630 or at her cell for parts or anything related with the Hobby Shop.

    If anyone has any questions about location, direction or anything related with The Track Raceway you can contact Mimi.

    You can follow us in the Racing Forum@ THE TRACK RACEWAY. Facebook: The Track in Gaithersburg, Maryland
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    Where is this place located?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Brian D View Post
    Where is this place located?
    Ya, it looks like you forgot:cool:

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    More videos to come - BITCHES!!!!:cool:

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    Also, many of our guys are getting into FPV drone racing. Mimi has some really hard to get (pre order A Main) stuff stocked, but it's gone fast. I don't know how she stocks it before Amain gets it, but...

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    Oh ya. Tires. The softest slicks that you like. That's it. Pretty simple.:cool:

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    I will have my 4w buggy ready to race the first week of November.

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    What type of foams do you run in those soft tires?
    Even to be last, You've got to be fast.

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    Videos Wednesday night 9/2.

    2wd buggy B Main

    2wd buggy A Main

    SCT A Main

    Homer, closed cell foams usually same brand as the tires.

    Steve, looking forward to racing with you soon. Be good, take care.

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