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Thread: Mountain Biking

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    Mountain Biking

    So I just discovered not only is Harrisonburg great for RC racing, But Also mtbing. Anyone else ride? a few of us in nor va will be heading out there to ride as much of possible. Anyone have trail recommendations? This seems like a good place to start!

    See you trail/track side!

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    Of course I know the area well. Hone quarry is just two miles above the track. That would lead to a good ride and I can tell you where a waterfall is that's off the main road. Not many know of this place. There are tons on other areas to ride just above me. There's even a Navy base the NSA took over. Yes a Navy base in the middle of the mountains. I've never saw a ship but I have saw the facility. You can always park here if you want.
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    Thanks Homer, We will definitely have to check it out if not this fall next year.

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