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Thread: Spam Bots

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    Spam Bots

    Even though the racers aren't using the forum much. The spam bots find it very useful. I've been battling these dudes for a few days now. The latest batch is getting through all security measures. Yesterday my server dudes took out their ip, but today they are back with the same one puking on our site again.

    Now that's how you use smiley's to make your point.
    Even to be last, You've got to be fast.

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    There was a smiley limit of only 4.. I found that out when trying to make the above post. That is now corrected. smile away
    Even to be last, You've got to be fast.

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    Whats a spam bot and what does it do to the site?

    Nice job this weekend in fantasy football. I guess it wasnt very close at all.

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    It's these things that come to the site and sign up mass amounts of fake members and then they start spamming ads. I've killed around 800 account since yesterday.

    You didn't have your best players, LaVeOne Bell :-) is my man this year.
    Even to be last, You've got to be fast.

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    I did see it

    I did find the more thing
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